• Mfg. 2001 in Italy by former OMSO engineers.
  • 130mm maximum diameter bottle X 255mm max. bottle length X 250mm max. stroke length.
  • S.S. descrambler included.
  • Excellent condition and low time.

alf 4-Color Press, Model No. OP51, S.N. C150M14EF01 Mfg. 2001, including CALF S.S. conveyor/feeder bin and Calf S.S. Descrambler, Calf intake and discharge conveyors, incline feeder for rotary packing table and rotary packing table, 60 12″ X 24″ aluminum screen frames, electrical power supply and breaker panels with transformers, and several sets of ” Flare (Ft. Wayne, Indiana) custom manufactured bottle tooling from 32 oz. to 64 oz. sizes, four Fusion Model P155 (300 watts/in. X 10″ bulb) power supplies and the I250B lamp module irradiator and the K250 modular blower units. I will also include several pallets of U.V. ink (opened & un-opened) at no additional charge. This press has been well maintained and it is in excellent condition and with very little dried ink present. This press was placed in operation in September of 2001 and it ran from 8 to 16 hours a week until 2003. At that point, the business was sold and the new owners elected to outsource their bottle printing. I have all of the Calf operating, parts and technical manuals and they will be shipped with the press including many spare parts that Lawrence purchased from Calf.

Total Price: $200,000. FOB: 1499 E. 2300 Rd., Eudora,Ks. 66025 (a 53′ dedicated trailer will be required to transport the press to your location).

The current new price for this 4-color Calf press is $525,000 (I added the cost of the four Fusion UV units as Calf quotes their U.S. presses without the UV units as the European UV units will not pass the U.S.. standards and cannot be shipped into this country) which does not include $55,000 for the cost of the CALF S.S. descrambler/feeder and $12,000 for the CALF conveyor/feeder bin, the $5,000 inclined rotary packing table feeder and the $5,000 powered rotary packing table which brings the total cost of the equipment to $603,000 which also includes the costs of the Fusion UV units, freight from Italy and duty taxes.The Calf presses are designed and manufactured by three former OMSO engineers and the Calf press is very similar to an Omso Novak M press. There are four times the number of Omso presses in the U.S. than Kammann’s. The price for a new 4-color OMSO Novax M is $750,000 (not including the $55,000 cost of a descrambler/feeder and the $12,000 cost of a conveyor/feeder bin but includes the costs of the Fusion UV units, freight from Italy plus duty taxes). A new Kammann K14U 4-color press is $706,000 (not including the cost of a descrambler/feeder & conveyor/feeder bin and the powered rotary packing table but includes the costs of the Fusion UV units, freight from Germany and duty taxes). Both OMSO and Kammann require a 5-6 month waiting/manufacturing period before shipping. CALF Printing Specs: 135 mm(5 3/8″) max. diameter bottle, 250 mm(9 13/16″) max. stroke length, 255 mm(10″) max. bottle length. Production Rate: Approx. 3,000-4,000 bottles/hr. depending on the size of the bottle. I can supply you the names and contact numbers of several companies here in the U.S. that have been printing bottles on their Calf multi-color presses for a number of years. I have spoken with them and all are very pleased and satisfied with their Calf presses. This press has been continuously stored since November of 2008 in my warehouse at Ragland Specialty Printing & Mfg., 1499 E. 2300 Rd., Eudora, Ks. 66025.

John w. Ragland
Ragland Specialty Printing, Inc.
P.O. Box 609
1499 E. 2300 Rd.
Eudora, Ks. 66025

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